Puzzles are fascinating. Individual pieces seem insignificant and bear little resemblance to the total picture. But you can appreciate how truly significant each piece is if you’ve ever finshed a puzzle only to find one piece has been lost. If you were to watch a puzzle come together, at first the picture remains a mystery, but there comes a point – a turing point, really – where the whole picture can be understood even though many pieces have yet to be placed.

In the same way, BIM for Masonry (BIM-M) has been working to piece together a modeling solution for masonry. Many key pieces are now in place and the turning point has passed. The final picture is in view, even though several pieces are yet to be placed. It’s an exciting time for masonry, in which real solutions are emerging. A complete BIM solution for masonry is just on the horizon.

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BIM-M For Contractors

Why It Matters To You – July 2017

“You can do that?” “This project would have never gotten done without [BIM].” “If I had known about this 6 months ago, I could have saved myself $180,000 on my last job!” These and other similar comments have recently been overheard at our office. So what is all the fuss about? Masonry models and the impact they can have on project success, that’s what. If you haven’t yet explored how BIM can help you grow your business as a mason contractor, then perhaps it’s time to take that step. Here are a few reasons why this is the fastest growing technology in masonry.

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Efficient Masonry

Optimizing Design and Construction through BIM Technology – June 2015

Every architect or engineer who designs gives consideration to efficient use of materials. Whether a rocket scientist or a child building a sand castle at the beach, the process of exploring the limits of a material are part of the fun of the process.

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3D Modeling of Masonry Enhances Production – October 2014

It is startling to see how quickly technology advances. Most of us carry phones in our pockets that do more than a desktop computer could not do too many years ago. We communicate in ways not imaginable when we were children and have more information at our fingertips than we could ever begin to use. Every industry benefits from advances in technology and we are all currently int he midst of a significant leap forward in design and construction due to the impact of BIM (building information modeling). So how is BIM impacting the masonry industry? Or even better, how is it impacting masonry production and delivery? This article aims at answering these questions ans will hopefully give you a better picture of how to leverage BIM for better efficiencies in production management.

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BIM Comes to Masonry

The time-honored trade gets closer to meaningful Building Information Management – August 2014

Of all the acronyms in the design and construction industry today, BIM (Building Information Management) has to be one of the most recognized. Many in the industry are enthralled by all the brightly colored visions of projects still on the drawing board, the opportunity to immediately grasp the overall impact of a proposed modification in one system, and the intense record-keeping capability that translates to far easier repairs and renovations afforded by such advanced modeling capabilities.

Mission trip to Malawi

Technology in Masonry

I was recently struck by how the masonry trade is an extreme blend of old and new technology.  I’ve just returned from a Mission trip to Malawi, a small country in South East Africa.  One activity for our group was to install a new sheet metal roof on a home in a poor village.

Custom Approach to Masonry BIM

Museum of Prairiefire in Overland Park, Kansas

Modeling a particularly challenging masonry layout.